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  • Megan Ward

Trauma Maze Map

According to my mythology, I’m on a soul mission to be of service on this stressful planet at this crunchy transitional time. It’s about learning what it means to be a human and finding lovely people to learn/teach with.

I don’t know all the answers (because I’m a human and humans by nature cannot see very far) but I’m positive that at the core of Humanity is Free Will. Sometimes I describe my mission as “increasing the amount of freely-willed love in the world”.

I enjoy sitting around talking about mythology and co-regulating with friends and colleagues, alongside a bit of noodling tunes and songs at our favourite Divine Pitch – this is basically a good pattern and I recommend it. But, Stephen and I have periodically come up against a worldly reality that seemed impossible to ignore and became, at times, our main focus:

The “Healthcare” System is messing with Humanity’s Free Will.

Some of their mandated “solutions” don’t actually work.

Many employees of the System lack imagination to such extent that they are able to ignore all evidence that their mandated “solutions” are actually exacerbating the original problem, such that the situation would actually be better if the “solution” had never been tried.

The fight was very engaging, if not all-consuming, but in fact it was just obscuring a deeper and even more terrifying reality:

Trauma-responses are messing with Free Will too.

There’s plenty of high-quality research going on regarding trauma healing internationally. The three “secondary responses” that I mapped as part of this chart are from the work of the NICABM, an American institution. These represent a new differentiation that builds on what has been previously described as the “fawn-or-flirt” response. We however in New Zealand actually have a two-tiered system, where the “ordinary people” on the outside are invited to choose from a near-infinite array of spiritual pathways, self-help books, psychotherapy (where one can afford to pay privately) or pharmaceutical assistance to manage such ordinary symptoms of mental illnesses as anxiety and depression. But, once a line is crossed and the Mental Health Act is activated, Free Will is reduced to a choice between medication or forced medication.

The waters seemed quite uncharted as the Black Box is a disorienting place and few who’ve been in it are able to report on what happened in there, but at this stage of the journey I have prepared my first Map of the territory of the Trauma-Rebound Maze.

May it bless someone.

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