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  • Megan Ward

Navigator's Report

Updated: May 25, 2023

28th February 2023: Navigator's Report to the Captain


It appears that we are incarnate humans.

One, me, is female, and one, you, male. I came here to the city of Wellington from the regional North Island and you from the South Island, each attracted by the promises of Victoria University in the days when the institution's name in Te Reo translated as "the House of Learning at the Mouth of the Fish".

We take on various complementary roles in our business and artistic partnership, Divine Pitch Creations. So far, we have created 26 music videos, two audio-visual "fables", and two 15-minute documentaries (of which we were only able to release one).

It's a crunchy transitional time on this planet and my soul sings that I have a mission; the mission is of a general nature and that is to be of service by increasing the amount of freely-willed love / AROHA / METTA available on this planet at this time.

English lacks words to describe concepts of love accurately, but we find that there's a heart-centred and basically telepathic form of love or METTA that heals, energises, mitigates suffering, and as a result, increases capacity. It must not be confused with other common uses of the word "love" that have more in common with lust or greed, or with deference or people-pleasing.

Having been tempted by big, systemic solutions in the past, I've come to believe that my objectives are best pursued locally with a small number of motivated people.


On New Year's Eve, 2022, we were reviewing our first 8 months of working together and settled into a three-part categorisation:

- Education

- Transformation

- Art

These fit within the larger pathways of PULL and PUSH.

The primary PULL is simple to articulate - the Divine Pitch! We make music at A = 432Hz because there's spiritual value and, by extension, physiological value in this resonance. On occasion, I evangelise this pitch, but on balance I know it's wiser to put out the call and let those who enjoy the resonance respond. Music-making attracts a varied pool of interested humans as listeners (online and in-person), as participants in our educational events and, in future, as collaborators on larger musical projects.

The PUSH is a huge meta-story that we continue to tell fragments of throughout the whole journey: we don't want to live in a Pharmaceutical Dystopia. I acknowledge that there are some humans who are comfortable with such a future and that perhaps they must be left to experience it, but we've felt the evidence that it is not for weirdos like us.

There appear to be approximately three arms to the agenda towards Pharmaceutical Dystopia. I got a slap from the culmination of the pandemic-response in medical mandates, and left the education system. You got whacked by the Mental Health Act and then caught up in the wheels of forced medication and institutionalised torture for 2 years. Many of those around us have been caught by the transgender lie that a man can become a woman or vice versa through the sorcery of chemicals and social perception.

Both the latter two arms are pressing for the chemical castration of an increasing number of men and boys and equivalent harm to women and girls, erasing the natural diversity of individuals. A recurring theme of our adventures is finding existing imbalances in the masculine and feminine principles, then exploring how we, male and female humans, can choose to cultivate our intentions and actions towards a Divine balance. We reject solutions that proudly trade one imbalance for its opposite, such as those who point to the traditional male dominance of monotheistic religion and consequently propose female-dominated eco-globalism.

In looking for the pathways through the pressure that's manifesting here at the Mouth of the Fish, we could state very simply that


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